Kenny Christopher Glenn, 14 (alias Timmy) abusing Dusty the Cat

Dusty the cat

On Sunday, February 15th, 2009 Kenny (Chris) Glenn posted two videos, both abusing a cat named Dusty. He posted these videos on YouTube under the account glennspam1, which has now been suspended. Various mirrors have been uploaded, each being removed by Youtube. It shows Kenny "Christopher" (under the pseudonym Timmy) and his brother abusing their cat.  A number of internet communities managed to identify the perpetrator.

VIDEO:  Kenny Glenn abuses his cat Dusty 

VIDEO2: Kenny Glenn abuses his cat Dusty - 2

** UPDATE: 01/12/2010
We have just received this troubling piece of information from a trustworthy local source:

My name is (removed), I live in Lawton, OK and I have first-hand knowledge of the fact that the 2 cats being abused in that video, have not gone anywhere but back home to his abuser. I know for a fact that the Glenn’s and Sheriff Stradley are best buddies, I have witnessed Kenny (Christopher) Glenn telling the Sheriff that “I’ll see you when you come over to the house later.”

Nobody has been punished, the cats are still where they came from in the first place. For personal reasons I can’t give you more info then that, I am just letting you know that absolutely nothing has happened to the animal abuser. The media ordeal was all a big show to make the public think that the abuser got punished……


* UPDATE: Local news station KSWO has picked up the story  (video version , youtube version , mirror: megaupload)
* UPDATE: The kids are going to the courthouse on 17.02.2009 to meet with the County District Attorney (news link)
March 4, 2009 * UPDATE: The two cats are okay and are going to a new home soon.  read the news watch the video

Coverage in TheSun:
Coverage in RussiaToday:
Coverage in Blick (Switzerland)


Comanche County teen films himself abusing cat, airs on YouTube
In a disgusting case of animal abuse, a cat being abused was filmed by the culprits and posted on YouTube. A teenaged boy slammed a cat against a wall and repeatedly struck it. It was a hot topic on the internet all day Sunday and bloggers think it happened in Lawton.  Among the thousands of posts on the internet, commenters pointed to Lawton as the source after it was posted this weekend. 

The teenager - who calls himself "Timmy" entered a bathroom that he called his laboratory. Inside the shower was a cat which the boy picked up by its neck and slammed against the wall and floor before beating it with his fists. The attack continued for more than a minute.

YouTube removed the video Sunday afternoon and disabled the user's account - but not before it was seen about 30,000 times. Local authorities confirm that they are investigating the video, and Lawton Police say the Comanche County Sheriff's Department is investigating. Sheriff Kenny Stradley has been shown the video.





Kenny Glenn is also a racist (screenshot from Youtube comments):

Name: Kenny Christopher Glenn
Location: Lawton, Oklahoma, USA

Father: Mark Glenn

Mark Glenn, General Manager
Glenn Oil Company
102 E. “D” Avenue
Lawton, OK 73501
Phone: 580-355-5701
Cell: 580-585-7828
Email: ,
Web site:


Sandra Glenn  (mother)
1 Se 75th ST
Lawton, OK 73505-1916
(580) 585-6425

Sandra (Sandi) Glenn
Web building & marketing
email: or



Poor Dusty is crying for help



Contact the District Attorney and ask them to not let this slide:

Attorney General (405-521-3921 / DREW EDMONSON)

Lawton DA (ATTN: Robert Schulte
315 S.W. 5th, Room 502
Lawton, Oklahoma 73501-4389
(580) 585-4444)




Please help this story make national news, submit it to CNN iReport:

UPDATE: Sheriff Stradley of Lawton, OK said: "The horrifying day may be over for the cat, but it is just getting started for its abusers. We'll put it together and take it to the D.A. It will be up to the D.A. whether or not he files charges or not. Our job is to put the investigation together as a case and take it to the DA and that's what we'll do".

Stradley says the teens responsible were released to their parents by the DA and they and their lawyer will meet with investigators to determine their fate on Tuesday. Dusty, the cat, is alive and was taken to a veterinarian where it will remain until the investigation is complete.

*Update:  Dusty the Cat is safe for now in the local veterinary hospital (click here to read or watch the video)


*Update: "During their investigation, the Comanche County Sheriff's Department discovered a third abuse video that shows the beating of a black and white cat - also at a teens' home. The sheriff's department rescued that cat today."  news link

"The cats will not go back into the home, and they are expected to be adopted out into a good home in the next few days."

 "Once the vet treats Dusty and the other cat, 7News will be able to visit them. You can count on us to have much happier footage of Dusty and the other cat later this week."

Anonymous Tip: Feb 19th, 3pm.

 NEVERFORGETDUSTY.COM Reports:  Jan Stratton is the Director of News at KSWO the local news channel which is updating all the others (except they haven't bothered). Funny that because in small town Lawton (home to the Glenns) Jan Stratton is married to Judge William (Bill) Stratton and they and their little circle of legal and business types just happen to be best friends with....yes you guessed it the Glenns!

I think this info needs to be out there. There isn't going to be justice for Kenny they are just waiting for it to quiet down and give the boys a slap on the wrist. By which time it will be too late to do anything. The Glenns have a lot of power in town."

*Update: Looks like Kenny (Chris) went back to school according to a video posted by a classmate (youtube)


How you can help

Seeing how Kenny (Christopher) Glenn is currently escaping any punishment, a concerned reader of our website sent us this email, outlining a way for ordinary people to help bring Kenny to justice:

"I have an observation to make: few have so far noticed that the way to PERMANENTLY punish him would be by punishing his daddy's Oil company.

"Why?" and "How?" are two questions that come to mind, so let me elaborate: why? Well, forget the rumors that Ken's pappy Mark was described online as allegedly an abusive, arrogant racist, supposedly involved in shady business practices and corruption. Those are rumors, they may or may not be true. But . . . if the company is hurt financially, then pappy may decide that there isn't enough money to buy Kenny a new dirt bike, TV, car . . . especially if it's made clear that the Kenny fallout is the reason for the financial hurt. And an unhappy pappy Mark will definitely make it clear to Kenny that he's not a happy camper.

How? Well, for starters, just last year the company (Glenn Oil) got a 10-million contract with the US government. So, one way would be to read the online documents that mention it (Mark even has a leaflet online, where he boasts about one of his big contracts), find the contact info for the companies and, especially, the government institutions that let Mark make money . . . and send them information. To their managers, their PR departments, the local media, the local congressman. Simply and politely ask them if they believe it is the right choice to do their business with a company with such bad press, whose name is now almost automatically associated with animal torture - especially in such competitive times of bad economy, when many more deserving companies are ready to make better offers than Mark's company.

Mail the directors in the government institution that have the oil contracts with Mark Glenn, phone the local congressmen asking them if it's advisable for taxpayer-supported companies to give their money to tarnished firms, inform your local media, send the information to the private companies that have contracts with pappy Mark. In fact, if you know ANY companies likely to have oil, gasoline, etc., related contracts (especially in Oklahoma), mail them IN ADVANCE, just in case pappy Mark tries to do business with them. Just remember - politeness, facts, information. Punish Kenny through the pappy's wallet."


More useful info: (received by email from anonymous supporter)

"Hi and greetings from the cold, grey and ugly center of Europe. I'll
just get to the point without yakking too much: I have several
possibly useful links regarding good old Kenny and his relatives.

Firstly, a promotional booklet from daddy Mark Glenn, with some interesting
information and photos:

It may be interesting to find out that all adult Americans gave their
money to Kenny's dad. That's because he's been getting millions from
government companies... which are supported from taxpayers' money.
Here's some information on their contracts:

And more free money for Kenny's daddy from citizens' pockets, this
time as local grants:
These came from:  &
Are there any managers in Clean Cities who have e-mail accounts and like cats?

Kenny's daddy gets money from the US Army, too:
Does anyone know any colonels or generals who have cats and a contact
e-mail address?

Some old money the family gave some politicians:
Interestingly, one of those politicians still exists and may in fact
go into Obama's government:
He has contact addresses and will also have to set up a new e-mail if
he goes into the government. Would he be happy to be reminded of an
old contributor and his grandson's current interest in cats?

Where some more of daddy's cash went:!publicfiles/CC-Comm-Pro/2008/Aug08/COMANCHE%20COUNTY%20COMMISSIONERS%20PROCEEDINGS%20AUGUST%204,%202008.pdf

If this conference takes place again, perhaps the organizers should
know not to bring any cats:

Just an article:
and another: "

you can join us on IRC: channel #catraid2 on EFnet

contact webmaster of this page:

if you own a website or a blog, please link to us to make this page stay in Google so people
can find the truth about Kenny (Christopher and his family)


user submitted photos: (Dusty appreciates your support)


more pics coming soon, our mailbox is full. we've been
getting support emails from all over the world (Europe, Russia, Brazil, Africa, Japan - just to name a few).


Following the Operation Dustyce (which resulted in Dusty and another cat named Patches being saved) Various internet groups and communities
 have pronounced February 15'th  an international "Dusty Day"  (02.15.2009)

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